Wells Voice Article October 2020

In 1927, Dr Werner Heisenberg, a German Physicist, postulated a Principle of Uncertainty, which went roughly along these lines:  The more precisely the position of a particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be predicted. 

You know where something is but you don't know where or how fast it is going. More or less. Dr Heisenberg was pretty uncertain about it as well but his theory made quite a stir. The fact that we are living in an Age of Uncertainty does not really help us and Quantum mechanics has little place in the flower borders and vegetable patch. But the one certainty is that we aren't sure of the future. It would be encouraging to be able to fix a date when normal meetings with normal social interaction could take place in the Town Hall, but that is not possible for many more months.

One success over the summer period, however, was a hugely enjoyable evening visit to the Bishop's Palace Gardens as guests of the President of the Club, James Cross. There was a good attendance and many members had not had the chance to see each other for a time, nor to view the results of the prodigious efforts of James and his two staff over the lockdown period. Many public and private gardens have suffered over the year but the Palace Gardens have been spectacular. And there is clearly more in the pipeline, such as the proposed Stumpery with its plantings of hostas, ferns and brunnera. There is much to look forward to.  

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