Wells Voice Article May 2022

The American writer Dorothy Parker took a jaundiced view of spring. For her spring came every year not as a pleasant event but "with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off and the ground all mucked up with plants". No doubt most of us would take the contrary view and take delight in all the glorious abundance of a host of different and magical plants forcing their way through our well prepared earth-or in some cases through a mass of unkempt riotous weeds - they'll still come through, messy gardeners, don't worry! And the thing is that the vast majority of plants we have in our gardens are foreign, collected, imported, cultivated and hybridised to give us the splendid variety we all enjoy. To expand on this theme the garden historian and former broadcaster Christine Stones will be giving our next talk on "India - a two way trade", a beguiling title which promises another excellent evening. The talk takes place In Wells Town Hall at 7.30p.m on Thursday 12th May. Everyone is welcome. Members £1, Visitors £3. Refreshments.